In Memory of our precious Angels gone too soon at the hands of those they trusted with their lives.


A bright-eyed, fun loving little tomboy, born on November 11, 2002.

A typical 8 year old second grader in Pueblo Colorado.

She loved frogs, snakes and lizards, playing kickball, swimming, and hanging out with her big sister Brittany. She also loved camping and fishing with her daddy and grandpa.

She had a smile for everyone, (unless you're calling her "Dora the Explorer") and was a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl. She lived with her Daddy, whom she adored.....

until the day he shot her in the head and ended her life.


The Desi Project.

Children are a priceless gift from God, He gives them to us to love, protect, nurture, and teach. They depend on us for everything...... and they trust us with their LIVES.

Every year, thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of children have their lives taken by the hands of the person they love and trust the most.

The Desi project was formed and inspired by the amazing free-spirited child it was named after. She left behind a doting Grandfather, a grieving mother, and a heart-broken big sister, as well as many other friends and relatives trying to make sense out of the loss of a life that was completely senseless.

We don't know how these things can happen, we may never know how a parent can take the life of a child that they created, but what we can do is present keepsakes to siblings, parents, and Grandparents grieving the unexplainable, unexpected, and inexcusable loss of the lives of these trusting children.

Our mission is to provide comfort and support in a time of tragedy when words will not comfort, and only time and God's love can provide healing.



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